Li Zhao

Li Zhao has more than a decade of experience as a professional IT. He is proficient on both Microsoft Windows environment and Linux/Unix environment. Li is familiar with Perl, PHP, C#, VBScript, Powershell, batch script, and bash script. He has extensive knowledge in scripting with IIS, ADSI and WMI. Li has superb troubleshooting skill that can isolate and identify the problem quickly. In addition, he is very comfortable in with databases and can navigate through MSSQL and MySQL with ease.

Currently working as Infrastructure Architect & Lead Systems Engineer at Send Word Now, his role has been instrumental to the releases of their applications. Shortly after joining, Li took over the release process for Service Operations. He redefined the processes with automation scripts as well as using configuration managements which helped avoiding human errors in configurations. Li is the go-to guy for technical problems and is often surrounded by developers, QAs, and DBAs.

Prior to joining Send Word Now, Li lead a team of engineers in supporting the day to day operations of a 24x7 multinational’s web portals (150+) and online gaming communities, which delivered over 3Gbps of traffic, multiplayer applications with 5000+ concurrent users and e-commerce applications on Windows 2003 Servers platform (IIS/ASP.NET) with MSSQL 2000 and Oracle as backend. His past experiences include web hosting, communications and gaming industries.

Li received his B.S. degree in applied mathematics and statistics from SUNY Stony Brook. His favorite pastimes include solving tough problems, generating complex-but-elegant scripts, breaking into gadgets, and collecting gadgets of every shape and stripe. When not in front computers or gadgets, he enjoys taking his dog out for a walk around his neighborhood, or spending time with his daughter who is turning one year old soon. His other hobbies include taking pictures of his daughter and dog with his Nikon DSLR.