Lia Ristiana

Student and data scientist in Australian Capital Territory

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A human being with an odd - sometimes even cringey - sense of humor, Lia is often considered as the weird and quirky one by the people close to her (though she doesn't necessarily agree with that). She apparently is more comfortable describing herself in the third person, like what she's doing right now.

Lia spends most of her waking hours sitting in front of her laptop or - when she feels nerdy enough - books. She likes popular science, sci-fi, literature, crime, thriller, mystery, and anything that's funny.

When in the right mood, she writes about the things she learns recently (usually about programming/data science) on Medium or her blog. In the meantime, she also enjoys asking stupid questions on StackOverflow.

After more than 3 years of professional experience as a Machine Learning Engineer in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, she's currently pursuing a Master's in Computing from The Australian National University in Canberra. She's interested in Data Science and plans to pursue a career in that field (if she could survive it at all).

She can be contacted through LinkedIn.

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