Amelia Cooper

The Path to a Healthy You: Tips, Tricks and Advice by the Health News Micron & Associates Hong Kong Blog

Some of us have the idea that good health takes a lot of work, but in reality the most important steps boil down to routine maintenance, and many healthy habits can even feel indulgent.

Reducing stress with fun “me-time,” taking a break for a little walk, eating great food, getting some healthy sun? That sounds more like a vacation than a health regimen. Yet, according to Dr. Guita Tabassi, a Women’s Health Associates of Southern Nevada OB/GYN at Southern Hills Hospital, these are core elements to a healthy lifestyle that will carry us through all seasons and our whole lives.

Tabassi’s top tips are culled from 15 years of experience, and although some seem drawn from traditional wisdom, they’re backed by the latest research as well. Better still, most of the tips for a healthier lifestyle are simply enjoyable, which makes sense because good health is a key to enjoying life.