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Student in Canada

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Hello! I'm Amelia, and if you're reading this you probably wish to get accepted on my instagram account, and I already love you. This is just a quick way to get to know me and realize if you actually want to follow me.

You can call me Amelia, Lia, Jess or Jessica, however you wish. I like both my middle and first name. I've lived in Canada since I remember, but my heritage is Chinese. Therefore, I won't accept racist comments (the same goes for sexist, ableist and homophobic etc). I'm turning 16 this year and I've finally decided to start learning Chinese, as I finally accepted my roots. I'm a generally positive and accepting person, I'd love to be your friend. But but but! Even though I tend to be positive I often have my downs and this is kinda like a safe space for me. I'm so sorry if ranting upsets you, but if you think you can't handle it, don't request. 😁

I enjoy manga, anime and games so here are my favorite characters (I do not kin/ID) (but if you do I will tag you as your faves)

- Viktor Nikiforov

- Hanamaru Kunikida (♡)

- Alois Trancy

- Aoi Asahina (♡)

I'm not a huge fan of kpop, but so far I'm a stan of a few girl groups; Red Velvet, Blackpink and f(x). My ult bias is Yeri and she means the world to me.

Aaand as for manhwas, I don't read many but I love Raising a Bat (I think that's the English name? No? Lol) and I read the first season of Killing Stalking although I'm slowly losing interest now.

Now, now, DM me and tell me your name and something, anything about yourself. I wanna make sure you're not following just for a follow back. I hope we get to get along. 😂💟