Liam Conlin

Photographer, Filmmaker, and Architect in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Life for me is not about just doing what I'm told to do, finish, and then repeat. I believe that I was made to do everything I was meant to do with all my effort and become a better person whilst doing it.

I was born into a loving family who accepts who I am and what I do. I’m am a amateur photographer, club volleyball player, and a strong christian who is interested in music, architecture, and video making.

A few recent achievements I have involve me not only getting 2nd place in the province for volleyball, but I have also started a youtube channel with my good friend of mine which illustrates my love of film making and photography.

In my life so far, I have gone over numerous obstacles that have slowed me down. One in particular was when I got tremendously ill right before my volleyball tryouts. This illness was so serious that it left me in bed for almost three weeks with back pains, a fever, and terrible nausea. During my recovery process from this illness, I found that it was difficult to walk and jump (which are both very important skills needed to play volleyball). Even though I had this lack of strength in my legs, I had to go through multiple different volleyball tryout with minimal jumping ability and close to no energy. My doctor said that it was a miracle that I was able to even participate in any of these tryouts. I was cut from the most successful volleyball team in my city and ended up making their rival team. Months later I built up strength in my legs again and my team and I ended up not only beating the team that I was cut from, but I also proved to the coach that cut me that I was skillful enough to play for his team. From this story, I learned from myself that I can get over any challenge or obstacle that stands in my way.

I view the world very optimistically unlike many people. Even though I look at the media and see articles filled with murder, sexual assaults, terrorist attacks, and other terrible events, I feel that because I was born who I am and where I am, I was given a chance by God to change the world and pursue my dreams.

A current endeavour that I have right now is traveling the world to capture the beautiful art God has put out for us to see. With all of these photos, I would like to sell them to companies, such as national geographic, and take on photography for a living. All in all, in the future I want to do what I love and be with the people I love.