Liam Dodd

Swansea, United Kingdom

PhD Student at CEA Saclay, working on the excitation of positronium for the production of antihydrogen. Formerly a Masters student at Swansea University, and former Vice President of the Swansea University Deabting Society.

I am a passionate advocate and populariser of science, and the scientific method. I'm an empassioned speaker on the benefits of rational and critical thought.

In my time as a member of the British Debating Circuit I have learnt many skills that have allowed me to be a competent and convincing speaker. It also fosters a creative and rapid ability to analyse new information thrown at you and to consider the wider consequences of action.

In my spare time I am a huge motorsports fan. Following all the races, and technical developments, of Formula 1, as well as having a keen interest in MotoGP and WRC.

  • Work
    • PhD Student
  • Education
    • MPhys, Swansea University