Liam Hislop

Born in Nebraska, raised in Oregon, now living in Orlando, I am a product of different parts of America and I have been into video games, pop culture, computers and "geeky" things ever since I can remember. After high school, I parlayed my natural talent of computers into a job in Arizona. There, I learned about business, database programming, and hospitality accounting. Realizing that Arizona wasn't where I wanted to be, I moved back to Oregon and became a part of an Internet Service Provider.

I worked up to Vice President in just a couple of years at the ISP. There I learned a lot about how ISPs work, as well as web, mail, and DNS server setup and maintenance, networking design and set up, as well as customer support and corporate training. On the business side, I learned a lot about managing, leading, and how corporations work due to corporate buyouts/mergers, corporate politics, and how much of a responsibility upper management and the board of directors have to the corporation, not to just their pockets.

After this I started a couple of business, specializing in e-commerce, distance learning, web services, and music promotion. I learned a lot of from this, including running businesses, leading people, working with clients, and more. I learned that owning and running companies doesn't pay a lot if business is slow, so I took side jobs as a freelance computer technician, as well as getting back into programming with a defense contractor.

After this, I moved to Florida and went to go back to school for game programming and design and at Full Sail University. Upon graduation, I took a job as a teacher for a class in network and operating systems. My business and project knowledge allowed me to move into the Final Project class as a teacher, where I was able to help more than 700 projects go from start to finish. During this time, I was able to work on five low budget video games which were published, along with six different game projects which have yet to reach consumer shelves.

My passions are in Project Management, and Leadership, which is what I do on a daily basis, leading the Projects Department for Full Sail University's Game Studies Department. Teaching is flexible enough to allow me to work with students and young projects, along with allowing me to indulge my geek side by collecting comics, movies, and being able to work on small game design projects, of which I hope to get time to finish and complete a c