I’m a User Experience designer from Australia. I work in London with the best people in the industry building next generation applications for some of the largest investment banks in the world.

I’m on a mission to find real talent that can work in the challenging field of finance who will work on some of the most financially sensitive applications in the world. If you’re a specialist in Java, WPF, .NET, Flex or a UX engineer from Australia or New Zealand, and long for an adventure across the Indian Ocean to the big smoke, contact me. My company is looking for developers who want to relocate to London, the gateway to Europe and you could be discovering new cultures on long weekends.

They offer sponsorship, relocation assistance and even fly you over for an interview. To succeed you need more than enthusiasm, if you get in you’ll be working alongside the brightest people from across the globe. Do you fit the bill? Yes. Interested? Send me a message.