Hot Tubs Temperature

It's amazing on those hard working days to get in. On real cool nights once the bubbles are on it does loose temp about 3 to 5 degrees. They r fast at getting the parts to u though once they figure out what u need.

It is sturdy, hot, and easy to put up. We have had 30 degree weather the temp and this winter stays pretty well. I love this spa. It has helped with arthritis pain.

Been a month and I haven't had any problem with this hot tub. Easy set up, sturdy, filter gets iron out of hard water, and very comfortable with lots of bubbling water. When I want to move it I just drain it and set it up in another location.

Just like other reviews indicate, it's a 50/50 chance you will get a working hot tub. I spent all night setting it up and I get the common e96 error code after its filled with water. Now I get to deal with customer service and it will be a solid week before I get to use the tub.

Had the spa for 3 months then it just stopped one day and gives error code 90. I called the number on the instruction manual and the lady said if I don't have my receipt no parts are available until march or april of the next year. I really loved this spa before it took a woops but now i think it belongs in the garbage like all the other companies that don't think ahead

And you have to turn on the heater early in the afternoon, around noon, to make sure it's at or above 100 degrees by the time you want to get in, around 7pm. Remember you get what you pay for.

Fairly quiet, except when you turn on the bubbles, which I don't use often. Wish it would heat up the water more than 104 degrees, but can't complain much for something that costs this little.

I love not having the smell of chlorine or how hard bromine is on my skin. That said, you still have to use a chlorine shock treatment, but not as often and a whole lot less.

Comparing prices from local pool supply store this saved me 50 %. Our spa uses these without the use of chlorine or bromide, no eye stinging, fumes or skin problems.

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