Liam Forde


Enlightened Leaders and Enlightened Organisations changing the world.

Now more than ever we need to change the game we are playing, at work and in the world. We spend to much time at work not to be inspired, engaged and adding value - not just making money. Work can be so much more.

Do you believe that?

I do. I do and I teach that to organisations around the world. From Fortune 500 to start-ups. It's amazing what's possible...

Organisations can be role models for the world, or simply take from the world. It is much more fun and sensible to be a net giver in life rather than a net taker - it's a simple change.

If you want to change the game inside your organisation, give me a call. I lead a team of international change agents who work together to make a better world of work.


The Zone (

Archtects of Enlightened Organisations.

- detox your minds, your teams, business, nutrify them, bring then alive, set them free...

18 years, 25 countires transfroming organisations.

Guides to the zone. Mastering Collective Intelligence. Game changing cultures!

Founded and led a number of successful businesses before I created The Zone, so my experience is practical, hands on blended with a deep understanding of human dynamics, individuals, teams and organisations.

Master coach, faciltator, trainer, mentor, strategic advisor and speaker. This year an author.

18 years working with human consciousness.

20 years working with groups and teams (unlocking potential)

25 years working with organisationisational transformation.

30 years a father, husband, gardener and pet lover.

Fun, challenging and inttuitive.

Three tools for success: listening, questioning, interventions

Let's chat.

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