Liam Mercer

I am a commercial photographer currently working towards the final project of a Ba(Hons) Photography degree.

My final project, 'No Brakes, No Gears, No Fears' will conclude with a photographic series based around the sport of Speedway Racing. I'll be using my local Speedway arena in Plymouth as the location of which the creation of my work will take place.

Within my research I've found that many feel that Speedway Racing is a dying sport or, at least, a sport that isn't expanding but during the time that I have already spent at the Speedway and with the people who run it, I've found a real sense of community. This is what has taken my interest.

I want to get to know these people and find out why they do what they do. I hope to couple these small interviews with their portrait in order to give their humble picture a meaning.

I hope that my work will culminate in a book or an article to help raise awareness of a forgotten but still loved sport.