Liam Mitchell

Student, Golfer, and Cart attendant in Roswell, Georgia

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What’s up, I’m Liam. I’m a student living in Roswell, Georgia. I am a fan of Golf, music, and movies. I’m also interested in football and dogs. You can attend my tournament with a click on the button above.

I have two older sisters named Gigi and Sarah. Sarah graduated from Kennesaw with a double major in French and Italian. My mom went to UGA and FSU while my dad played golf for the University of Florida and then turned professional. The sport of golf has gone through both sides of my family and trickled down to me. My dads father is a golf teacher located in Daytona Beach where both my parents grew up. My moms father played golf his whole life and received teaching lessons from my other grandfather. Long story short that is how my parents met each other.

Growing up my dad tried to start me playing golf at an early age but I did not like it. Other sports like football and basketball were my interest and I loved playing them. Typically I wouldn’t regret anything but not starting golf at the young age my dad tried to start me at is the biggest regret I will ever have. Golf is my passion and I hope to make it my career someday. Hopefully within the next two years I can either walk on at KSU or transfer to a division one school on scholarship. I work at Brookfield country club located in Roswell as a cart attendant. I love my job because my bosses are great, the job is easy, and I get to play golf for free.