Liam Stirrup StizGfX

Business Owner in Manchester, United Kingdom

Liam Stirrup StizGfX

Business Owner in Manchester, United Kingdom

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Mr Liam Paul Stirrup is owner and founder of The Bluestar Group and Creative Bluestar.

Born November 1985, in Manchester, England.

Liam Stirrup started his professional career as a mechanical engineer in the Defence sector. Moving through many different positions including Sales, Quailty Assurance and E-business.

In early 2008, Mr Stirrup had started his own business steps, but struggled to make any real impact in the business sector.

It was in late 2011 when Mr Stirrup founded Creative Bluestar and the Bluestar Group of companies.

The Bluestar Group and Creative Bluestar specialise in small and starter business foundation set ups, giving even the smallest company a full professional look. They offer Company Logo designs, websites, google analytics, keywords, graphic designs and much more.

Creative Bluestar have also been featured in business growth books and have helped the start-up of over 100 successful companies.

Mr Stirrup and The Bluestar Group are also partners to Nizcompany Ltd, a Hydroponic company from Manchester England. Mr Neil Drummond, owner of Nizcompany Ltd and Mr Stirrup have been friends and business partners for many years. Bluestar Group and Nizcompany are also in the process of releasing new Hydroponic products as well as a Micro Green Company.

Also under the Bluestar Group is Manchester City Football Club supporters group BlueRoom. BlueRoom includes a fans forum, merchandise page and a graphic art page with over 30K+ followers all dedicated to the football club.

The BlueRoom sponsors Read But Never Red football blogger David Walker. Mr Stirrup creates bespoke graphic artwork for this blog.

Mr Stirrup is also looking into property and property management along with some other business opportunities in the near future.

Also known as Stiz, StizGfX and STIZmcfc.

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