Liam Trumble


The next couple of months I will be planning and shooting my first real short film. I have been working with film for the last 6 years producing many short skits, informative pieces, and shows. Now I begin my journey into REAL cinema.


I also love sharing my experiences about film, music, & photography through tweets and pictures. It has been a passion of mine for a while now and I enjoy doing it so much that I decided to blog about it.


The last three years I have been experimenting with music & DJing. I have successfully run my DJ business for two years, turning a profit that went straight back into my passions. Now I am hoping to collaborate with artists and produce my second album.


After purchasing my first DSLR I became interested in not only film but its parent: photography. Now I am taking pictures of things I find interesting and building up my portfolio and gaining experience.