Samsung 4.3 cu ft Front Load Washer

This little machine is perfect for an apartment or smallspace. The back of the machine leaked about a half-cup water on the floorduring each use. I could not see anything wrong with the machine so I returnedit.

Works good, but very sensitive on the spin cycle, its havesome kind of protective sensor that stops the cycle if out off balance, justmove youre clothes arround and walla.

I don't know if it's my kitchen sink tap (standard) or aproblem with the metal rings provided. I don't know what else to do.

I got this Samsung 4.3 cu ft frontload washer just recently, it means I have done some five, six loads sofar and it has worked great. It works quieter than I expected and does a properjob.

I was absolutely impressed with this washing machine I loveit! I am a family of three and its perfect for us! Very happy with my purchase.

I usually wash on Sundays and it can handle all my clotheswith 2 loads: white stuffs and colored clothes. The spin is splendid and cleansmy clothes perfectly.

I managed to balance mine so that the spin cycle runs ok. IfI overload with towels I find spin doesn't work.

I bought this for my wife so she won't nag me about ourwashing machine. I am so thankful men.

I finally got to use it, we bought it to permantly installin a Fifth Wheel camper that has washer hookups, I didn't want a combo, theyare heavy and results are not great. Did my first load yesterday, no leaks,quiet, does a great job, so far very pleased, I hate using the campgroundlaundry, always crowded, this will solve that. As for drying we have linesattached to rear of camper, I just do a load every time I need to, air dry it,saves energy.

It washes clothes well, and is very gentle on them, which isgreat. Very practical to use and it has paid itself off already in less than ayear, with as many baby clothes as we wash.

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