Liana Urioste

my name is liana urioste and i am senior at Thomas Jefferson High school i do have a boyfriend his name is Hector i am happy when i see him i do miss him i love him and me r staying together forever thats because i love him alot of world i have trouble with my tonsils so we find out tommorrow if i need to take out my tonsils we go tommorrow to find out i am 17 years old and on September 6'th i will be 18 years old i have a brother and his girlfriend is name is Whitney i have a nephew now i do love my nephew i have a little sister she is my half sister her name is Destiny Urioste and i have a half brother his name is Kyle Urioste i only have 1 full brother we have the same mom and dad are my mothers name is Tracy Good are mother died when i was a little girl and my brother well he was a little baby i do have a tattoo that has mom name i have r.i.p. Tracy Dawn Good 1974-1999