Liana Banh

Photographer in Arcadia, California

What’s up, I’m Liana. As part of the Arcadia Photojournalism group, I capture and share moments on what is going on around the school. Whether it is a sports game or a social event, I am there to take pictures and preserve the memories.

I also have a passion for traveling, it expands my perspective on the real world by giving me a wider world view. Photography and travelling really give me a reason to appreciate life and makes me feel lucky for living. I get this sense of creative freedom and inspiration when I travel to new places. My favorite place I have been to is New York, the city encapsulates American culture and is diverse in every way.

I cannot summarize my passion into a condensed biography. There are much more things I branch on. Feel free to contact me through my medias below for any more information.

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