Liana Gooch

Educator Liana Gooch is committed to implementing new classroom learning methods as an Academic Enhancement Coordinator at Toorak College near Melbourne, Australia. Since 2007, Liana Gooch has served this educational institution by teaching subjects such as humanities and international studies, as well as broad spectrum of learning practices and study skills. Liana Gooch introduced to Toorak College classrooms several learning tools, such as a wall planner to assist time management skills and incentives like Academic Endeavor Awards. Additionally, Liana Gooch offers her students support in the university enhancement philosophy program. Liana Gooch’s training includes a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from the University of Canterbury and a teaching degree from Christchurch College of Education, which she received in 1993. Along with other members of the Toorak College faculty, Liana Gooch participates in the Powerful Learning Practice (PLP). This program has exposed Liana Gooch to new classroom practices, such as the use of Web technologies. She has also enjoyed the opportunity to participate in collaborative projects with other PLP members. Making use of new Internet applications, Liana Gooch takes part in professional social networks Classroom 2.0 and Future of Education. Beyond the classroom, Liana Gooch’s intellectual pursuits include her enjoyment of literature. Her favorite authors are Ian McEwan and Greg Mortenson, and she enjoys books such as The Bronze Horseman, Three Cups of Tea, and Atonement: A Novel.