Liandrah Hardnail

Liandrah Hardnail

I believe that miracles come to those who ask, who receive, who express gratitude and then decide to ask for more!

Once upon a time, at the age of 12, I was in hunting accident. A bullet passed through my spinal column, coming within 1 mm of death, and 2 mm of paralysis. That incident brought me closer to the essence of miracles. Since that turning point, my life has been a journey of privileges and challenges, with each day reinforcing my belief that life is a miracle, each breath is a blessing.

I've learned that the hardest part about making decisions is the actual deciding. I believe in seeking better ways to make enlightened decisions. I love finding solutions.

I’ve been blessed by the transformations in my own life and by witnessing my family, friends and clients as they navigate some of life’s really tough situations. I’ve helped them find their best inside themselves and then using this to win their court cases, get their dream jobs, achieve their relationship and abundance goals.

In return, these discoveries of miracle solutions have helped me to find my best inside myself and stay true to my own miracle path.

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    • Soul Voice International
    • The Silva Method