Liane H. Gould

Life Coach, Consultant, and Social Media Manager in Arlington, Virginia

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I am a Career Thought Leader with over 30 years experience, offering career solutions designed to align your talent with targeted a business strategy. I work closely with Clients representing a multitude of industries including government, non-profit, business, financial, chemical, engineering, IT, and new emerging disciplines.

I am a Certified Career Coach mentoring hundreds of clients from recent graduates, mid-career and mature worker populations. I like to think of myself as a career innovator providing my clients that very latest cutting-edge career advice for your job search plan. I challenge clients to rethink traditional mindsets and to adapt to new and emerging industries, diverse career pathways and embrace a more entrepreneurial orientation.

An expert on mature worker issues as having worked for AARP for over 14 years offer career management workshops that drive results. Developed a series of Workshops entitled, “Make Me Want to Hire You,” that review the latest career management practices with an emphasis on developing personal brand strategies then blending that message into the resume, social media, and other job search communique.

Clients report that they experience immediate job search results. Failure is not an option so if you are looking to advance your career, change the way you work, new ways to make money or explore new career pathways - then contact me. I will custom tailor services for your needs.

CAREER COMPETENCIES: Career Development | Labor Market | Business Development | Workforce Transition | Grant Management | Project Management | Risk Management | Oversight & Compliance | Facilitator | Operations | Client Centric | Process Management | Change Management

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