Anson Li

High school student going to the US/ Almost a Geek / ACG / Android / using iPod / AntiOSX / Language: CHN/ENG/JPN I'm Anson Li, an international school student in Shenzhen, China. Despite the school's interest in U.K education, I am following my way to U.S universities. I plan to study computer science. For many years I enjoy wondering in the world of Anime, although now I am much busier preparing U.S universities applications. Also do I like to try different digital gadgets ranging from Android(G1) to iPod and PSP. Self-studying Japanese for some years, I have average(above-average?) proficiency of the language. Although capable of basic understanding RAW anime downloaded from Share and Winny, I still lack speaking and writing as a result of incomplete study and suffer from weak grammar foundation. OK, thank you for reading, I hope this will help you know me more. If you want to know even more, click and visit my different social pages!