Lian Gammon

My life began in Malaysia, where I was born and raised. A beautiful little country in South East Asia. I was a pharmacist. I loved my career, the patients and hospital environment with and all the fun of dealing with medication and drugs. Then life changed and now I am a mom, wife, lifestyle photographer, crafter, knitter, and an eco-chic.

Yes, there are so much going on I wish we don’t have to sleep so I can just keep moving and doing things! I love everything unique, vintage, artsy, crafty! I sometimes wish I was that one Hindu god that has a few pair of arms so I can do many things all at once. Then I can paint, knit, play the guitar, do photography, sew and everything else all at once. I am also a big eco geek.

Growing up, my mom had always taught that we should waste not. That has stuck with me. Now, it is almost like an obsession. I love the idea of using something and turning it into something else. If I can make everything by hand, I will! But alas, I have only 2 hands, of which I am grateful and a cute family that keeps me busy enough on top of all these things that I am doing.

Feel free to browse around. If you have any questions or inquiries about photography pricing, don’t hesitate to write and ask. I don’t bite. :)