Jay Brogden

Software Engineer and Editor in Texas

Jay Brogden

Software Engineer and Editor in Texas

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Passport And Visa Expansion

US citizens currently could elect to submit an application for Vietnam visa US citizen through Vietnam Embassy USA in the host region or online door.

So that you can get visa expansion in the Vietnamese immigration specialists (including for overstaying your charge), your passport must have leastwise half a year' legality leftover at the time of request. This requirement is susceptible to adjust at update that is additional, so that you need to ensure with all the closest Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam.

When you can not obtain a legitimate visa within your passport, your travel can be delay from Vietnam.

You are needed to distribute your clones of a current passport photograph with you in the event you require a replacement passport while international. For information on replacing and reporting stolen passport or you are lost, contact with the USA Office.

US tourists who arrive at Vietnam have to enroll their place of home with the regional authorities within twenty-four hours of appearance.

Travelers staying at a motel or homestay must check with motel or homestay supervision that enrollment is totally concluded as part of the standard check-in approach. You are necessary to present your passport details at the hotel for a subscription to become finished. In certain hotels, travelers might be required to leave passports with hotel staff for enrollment applications. It is not a lawful requirement for hotels to keep your passport for the total length of one's stay, though this can be the frequent procedure.

Re-entry visas

If you would like to go away Vietnam and return throughout your excursion, you should maintain a valid Vietnam visa on arrival for US Citizen.

Practices Forex (including income and traveler’s cheques) has ended $5,000, Vietnamese Dong 15,000,000 and platinum exceeding 300 grams have to be proclaimed at traditions (with supporting paperwork) upon entrance and travel.

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