Liang Huang

Pittsburgh, Pa Usa

I believe that everyone was born for a destiny. Some people might see it clearly, some might not. I'm very passionate about being different. What life means to me is to be different, to be happy, and to be creative.

I'm currently studying in the United States for my bachelor's degree. Why all the way from China to the U.S.? I guess because I just don't want to be an ordinary Chinese student back home. I'm truly blessed to have a wonderful family and parents that they will always support me with no hesitation. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to study abroad thus I will definitely take it.

I love to learn different things from dierent culture in order to make myself more knowledgeable and competitive. That's the same reason why I choose to study Marketing. I love to study people, to learn from people, and then to make a difference for people. Although it's a constantly changing industry, I definitely like it! That means every work day is different to me and I can be different from every work day. I believe that keeping my research through the way of being different will be my own destiny.

  • Education
    • Point Park University