Kevin Liang

Bay Area, California

Working as a UX researcher for self-driving vehicles at an automotive company in the Silicon Valley. Life goal would be to do HCI-related work in the space industry.

I love doing behavioral studies, so usability testing and user research is right up my alley. Recently I am getting into UX design as well.

My future goal is to study spacecraft technology in relation to HCI. In my free time, I prey on *ahem* I mean, recruit, participants for my guerrilla usability tests at local Starbucks.

Random: When I was 8, I questioned Pluto's capacity as a planet. My dad bought me my first telescope when I was 7 and the first object I looked at was the moon. Though I can see the moon pretty much every week, I stared through the telescope for hours that night, fascinated at the miniscule details on the lunar surface.

  • Education
    • University of California, Berkeley