Lian Luisa

From an early age it was obvious that Lian has talent in all that related to music and big events and parties productions in Israel. She was a party organizer in bigest clubs in Israel such as : Powder, Dome vox, Haoman17, Tlv, etc.. Lian is the only Israeli female at that time that received music from mega djs around the world and had the permission to spread it among the Israeli crowd. After getting amazing reviews for her good work and dedication in the field of party originating and spreading music, Lian decided to take it to the next stage – producing her own music. After a while of working on her own stuff – she had linked with David Mimram and they started producing the music together. Lian's music inspired from The Prodigy , Eric Prydz and The Chemical Brothers. The reactions from djs all around the world are definitely for-seeing a good future on dance floor around the world. Reviews from djs such as: Andy Moor,Dubfire, Gereth Emery, Moonbeam, Roger Sanchez, Flash Brothers, Roi Tochner, Dj Dove, Colorless And many more... After such support and top tracks on beatport top 10 all that is left to Lian is to continue to surprise you with her good taste.