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Hello World...

You know those women who seem to have it all together? You know the ones... never a hair out of place, never a run in their stockings, never a day without false eyelashes, climbers of the corporate ladder, leaders of the PTA, the ones with the really, really good looking husbands, shiny cars and sparkly jewels on hand, neck and lobes? Ok, that's never been me on my best day. I'm like YOU. I look like hell when I get up in the morning. I have bad boyfriend stories. I have great girlfriend stories. I am addicted to coffee. And girl scout cookies. I love my cats even when they puke on my brand new bedspread. I've had the same best friend for thirty years. I've LIVED. I know stuff! And I want to share my stories with you. And you. And yes, even you. So come join me on my blog adventure. I'll even let you stalk me on email. I'm just that nice.