Liara of Rowensdale

Doctor, Mage, and Politician in Netherlands

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In the end, every man decides for himself what he finds beautiful, but Liara certainly fits the bill for many. Liara absolutely hates fitting just that bill. Her heart beats for science, her blood runs with magic. In deepest secret, she's still that naïve little girl that dreams of changing the world, but she's reluctant to be a hero. Woe them, though, that anger her. Fire heals, but it certainly bites too...

She's that temperamentful presence you can't miss. She's that good-spirited, well-educated and well mannered high-born girl who seems to have it all. But few really know her. Few really know she's moved by a will to freedom and liberty. Few know her call to reason and reasonable morality. Yes, well, Gods certainly have their role for people that lack the creativity to make up their own minds about what's important.

And then there's politics. She has all the experience with politics. But no will to power. “Politics is a chore”, she means to say. But, and she knows it, that is exactly the reason why she's cut out for the job...

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