Dr Liasc


A sharp exposure or a sudden exposure to anything be it your eyes, ears or hair can cause damage. In case of eyes a sharp bright light can blind you for a few seconds and if repeatedly exposed it may cause detrimental effects for the lifetime. Similarly loud noise, paring the audible limit can do the same. The deduction that is to be inferred from the above reference is that if our senses can feel the sharpness so can our body parts and their negative effects may not be felt immediately but has definite implications in the long run.

We have talked much about too hot showers and tight hair dos. Today the stream of our thought is based on the intensity of these showers. We at LIASC are for a few weeks specifically catering to the deteriorating hair conditions especially for the ones residing in the Middle East who are facing a fast paced rate of hair fall and transplantation. Hence addressing to the need we suggest that our showers need to be monitored to balance the intensity. Many of the times it is observed that people complaining of hair fall usually expose themselves to strong showers and intense fall. This causes the follicles to weaken and cause hair fall. Read More