Libby A. Smith

Libby A. Smith

I'm a geek.

I'm an actor with over 40 stage appearances at The Weekend Theater, Community Theater of Little Rock, The Royal Players, The Phoenix Theater, and The Public Theater. My roles include tear-jerking dramas, side-splitting comedies, and toe tapping musicals.

I have fallen in love with acting in front of a camera from portraying Medora Pilgrim in 'The Hanging of David O. Dodd' onstage at The Weekend Theater directed by Ralph Hyman and on film by Huixia Lu.

I'm a writer of short stories and comic books. I won the Little Rock Free Press Fiction Writing Contest twice. My comic book stories have been published by Caliber Comics, Tandra Publications, and Shandra Fantasy Arts. I've even written a poem which was used on a counted cross stitch (needlework) pattern.

In the 1990s, I developed and wrote an unproduced television series based on a toy a businessman was marketing at the time (he never paid me or a number of other people though at least I gained experience).

I'm a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing. I took post graduate courses in television and movie script writing. For the past ten years I've trained vocally as a soprano with Karen Q. Clark, Kathy Kilgo, and currently with Mary Winston Smith.

I'm an all around, sci fi loving geek to be sure - one who loves to create.