Libby Dishner

I've always resided in state capitals. I've spent time in both Columbus, Ohio and Atlanta, George as a young person and then moved to Richmond, Virginia on my 30th birthday. Now, I've lived in Richmond longer than any other place.

I have a wonderful husband Steve and two kids Wes and Audrey who say "you're the best mom ever!" But, what do they have to compare it to? I have a wonderful extended family too and my sister is definitely my BFF.

I am very involved in the community and serve many nonprofit organizations. My passions are at extremes. I support children from birth to day care age and adults who may find the need for some day care themselves.

Professionally, I've always been in a service role - as a trainer, an HR professional, a consultant and now a coach. I want the people around me to grow into their best selves. I am also always striving to develop - a journey that takes a lifetime.