Libby Lawrie

Libby Lawrie just recently retired from her 34th year of teaching. She has a strong commitment to education, physical fitness and health. Libby received her undergraduate degree from Indiana University and Masters Degree in Education from Butler University. She is also a graduate and facilitator for the CIESC Teacher Leadership Academy. In her 34 years of teaching, 21 years were spent in the classroom teaching Biology, Science, Health and Physical Education and the last 13 teaching in the virtual environment. Libby is Achieve Virtual Education Academy’s virtual education specialist and Physical Education teacher, adjunct instructor for the IUPUI School of Education, national presenter, My Big Campus Trainer and virtual education evangelist. She is a member of iNACOL, ISTE, Future of Education, Global Education, Skype Educators, and is a recipient of the IPL Golden Apple Award and Creative Biology Teacher of the Year.