Libby Norcross

Libby Norcross. Have you heard of her? If not, someday you just might. Libby is currently a Flight Director at an educational space simulator called the Challenger Center - founded by the family members of the astronauts who perished in the tragic Challenger incident in 1986. For her, that means pursuing her childhood fascination with space & technology as she collaborates to effectively inspire the next generation in STEM education, problem solving, and grabbing hold of their futures. For you, that means she wears a blue flight suit and takes students on simulated field trips to space.

But that's not all she's up to. She's an avid crafter with an office that's almost literally floor-to-ceiling with her own art and photography. She's a social-networking maven who has attended multiple tweetups and even team-planned a few unofficial ones. She's a singer, dancer, lefty, goofball, clutterbug, and lover of bright colors. She loves few things more than helping people learn anything from mathematical operations to setting up a Facebook Group. She's more at ease in a room full of children than a room full of adults. She is a pro at finding electrical outlets in strange places. Her affinity for technology makes her the "you try it" girl at work. Her life was turned upside-down when she found her freedom in Jesus and now she loves to live out her song of praise to Him. She's passionate about speaking awe, wonder, encouragement, and inspiration through outreach and her unique poster project, Consider This Thought. And her die-hard love of space and science are driving her on to her next great adventure... the slow pursuit of another degree, the next little step toward her Ultimate Adventure of maybe working for NASA and maybe even going to space herself. Or maybe being the next Mythbuster. Or maybe becoming Challenger Center's next Shining Star recipient. Who knows? Life is such an adventure. Her path has wound her to so many interesting places so far, who knows where she'll end up next?

Yep. She's kicking butt and taking names on her Adventure called "life". Have you heard of her?

If not, someday you just might.

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    • Challenger Leaning Center