Libby Van Pelt

My name is Elisabeth Claire Van Pelt, but I go by Libby for short. I believe the bizarre spelling of Elisabeth fits my uniqueness and desire to be different. I’m a winter baby born on February 10th of 1993. I’m also a southern belle, native to the lovely city of Alpharetta, Georgia. As cliché as it may be, my parents are my backbone and the reason I’ve made it to the University of Georgia. My mom, specifically, is my best friend in the whole world and no one could ever destroy our bond. In my opinion I’m a pretty laid back person, probably because I grew up with two older brothers who taught me how to shy away from unnecessary drama. I have a passion for music and admire anyone who is talented enough to play an instrument. My dad claims that I’m the most stubborn person he knows and helped me to realize that my calling is a career in sales, just like him. The thought of following my dad’s footsteps gives me a sense a pride. Currently I’m a Pre-Business major and plan to specialize in marketing in the hopes that this will lead me into sales. I intend to keep my priorities of succeeding through college and making a career for myself on track in order to become the person my wonderful parents encouraged me I always could be.