Libertex platform

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Minimum input costs

The trader has not yet had timе to make money, he needs some time to embed his own strategies for earning money. That is why he requires not only minimal expenses for registration, but also the availability of "leverage". Libertex gives the conditions for a successful stаrt - a deposit of 10 dollars and the capability of getting a starting capital within a multiplier of 500 units.

Transaction Costs

The established commission does not affect the received profit - only 0.03% of the transaction amount. By the way, this is the best offer among all platforms in the forex market.

The possibility of differentiation of the foreign portfolio

The higher the variety of currency pairs for conducting transactions, the more opportunities for a trader to increase the margin from each transaction. Libertex offers to trade more than 100 financial instruments: 43 currency pairs, derivatives for commodity trading (oil, gold, gas, etc.), as well as transactions of crypto-currencies.

Remote work with platform

The program allows remote trading from any device: a mobile application or a stationary computer.

Possibility to test own strategies, gain deeper competences

For successful work, it is important to understand the market indicators, the spread movement in certain trading sessions, Libertex offers the accrual of 5000 dollars to the demo account. Have you got an excellent trading dynamics? Then open a parallel account and earn money online.

How to deduce the received profit?

The platform works with any widespread payment terminals: the opportunity to receive money on a settlement account, a bank card or an electronic wallet. The period for receiving the amount: from several minutes (for an electronic wallet) to 2 days (for a bank card).

The advantage of theplatform is also that the program works in browser mode. You do not need todownload the application and slow down your device, because trade indicatorsare perfectly updated online. There are available Android or iOS to work in amobile application