Richard Collins

Glendale, Arizona

Atheism is a force for positive good. Imagine what we could accomplish if all our politicians were reality based instead of glorifying and promoting superstition. I was a professional technical writer for over 30 years. Which is equivalent to saying I was a masochist for 30 years. Except I never had the pleasure of being chained, masked, hung from the ceiling by my nipples, spat on and scourged. It was only a question of time. The engineers and marketing types could be very mean to anyone who had the trepidation to interrupt their "la de da important" work. Never mind the sorry assed buyers who had to figure out what these geniuses had wrought. Their attitude was, "if they can't figure out how to use it, they shouldn't be using it." You think I'm kidding, don't you? Now you know why your manuals suck.

  • Work
    • Self-Employed
  • Education
    • Grand Junction High School
    • USF, San Francisco, CA
    • Foothill College
    • UCSF, San Francisco