Liby (Elizabeth) Katz

Making the best effort to say Yes to opportunities.

Studying a new thing at least once a day and in the Science, Technology and Society interdisciplinary program at Bar-Ilan University. Carries a first degree in Psychology and Economics from the Tel-Aviv University.

Constantly questioning axioms as "Impossible" and strongly believes in the act of disassembling big "Leviathans" to see if there is a better way to solve problems.

Asia, especially Japan, is a huge interest. Went to University to learn some more about East-Asia after living there for a short while as well as traveling extensively in the Fast Train, from Hokkaido to Nagasaki.

Was a excellent flight attendant during University and later on became the private jet crew manager for the late Ted Arison. The highlight was an emergency landing in Bermuda. Still have a T-Shirt from there stating "Too much of a good thing *is* a good thing - Bermuda".