Liccy Fuentes

Who I Am:

A Lover of Laughter, Rock Climbing, Cheese, Gummie Bears, Animals, Music, Roller Derby, Good Company, Outdoors, Family, Food, Wife Beaters, Surfing, Diet Pepsi, Wine & Your Momma!

I love sports! Whose down for some Softball, Volleyball or Tennis ? I dislike people who are Negative, Pessimistic, Haters, Close Minded, Bitter, Liars, Cheaters... (( You get the point ))...

I Love a Challenge, A Good Cry and some competitive trash talk!... lol* I've got a thing for Tattoos, (( 4 already )) :^/.

I enjoy anything involving some good lol', comedy, ignorance (( not the stupid kind )), daring, drink (( social way )), dancing (( but I'm not good at it, lol )), fitness and ?

I Never give a damn about Popularity... I just don't care... :P.

My say ::: Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today...