Tavares Kenny

There are many good reasons as to why more and more individuals are aspiring to become licensed pharmacists in the United States. One of these reasons is because of the fact that the demand for such professionals is continuously on the rise. There are many factors that contribute to this expanding demand, including the following:

Heightened Demand for Patient Services

The transition process to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree for the new pharmacy graduates has resulted in the heightened number of the types of services these medical professionals have to offer. Before, pharmacists only had a few options on where they can practice their profession. However, because of the heightened demand for patient services, licensed pharmacists are now able to work in a much more extensive array of practice environments. To know more about the programs this educational institution offers, visit http://sop.washington.edu.

Significant Inflation in the Number of Prescriptions Filled Every Year

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores reported that the number of prescriptions being filled each year has increased from the 1.9 million count in 1992 to over 3.1 million by the time that 2002 rolled in. This represents a 60% increase in just 10 years. This is why it is forecasted that the society will continue to have the need for more licensed pharmacists in order to compensate for the inflating number of prescriptions filled every year. Read more about How to Become a Licensed Pharmacist in http://www.pharmacyschoolsintexas.com.

Continuous Addition of New Medicines on the Market

As more and more new prescription as well as over the counter drugs and medicines are being introduced to the market, the need for licensed pharmacists is also continuously increasing. Nowadays, the selection for these prescription and OTC medications has swelled significantly. Add this to the fact that there are certain diseases and illnesses that require multiple medications.

Inevitable Increase in the Population of the Elderly

Another major factor that has contributed to the heightened demand for licensed pharmacists in the United States is the increase in the population of the elderly.