Tonya Vanover

Current Personal Interests: As a resident and homeowner in South King County, Washington I am in the process of creating a proposal for the restoration of a small wetland area in my neighborhood. I look forward to applying my affinity and education in Biology.

Goals: My education (MSc Biology) and experience in environmental compliance, manufacturing QC/QA, affordable housing compliance has provided me a unique background. I am seeking an opportunity in which I can integrate and apply much, if not all of my knowledge in a growth oriented opportunity in the Seattle area.

Professional Background: While my academic research has focused on the loss of biodiversity in non-vascular plant communities at Lava Beds National Monument I have also enjoyed & succeeded in environmental research/compliance (RDG), affordable housing (WSPM) & manufacturing (SPM) industries.

Prior to my Graduate Fellowship at EWU I was responsible for researching and determining the necessary applications, site reports, and regulatory requirements in successful pursuit of an APD for oil & gas drilling permit application on federally leased lands.

In the affordable housing industry I quickly became adept in the application of local, state & federal compliance of USDA-RD, HUD and LIHTC properties in Nevada, Idaho and Utah. I obtained & maintained a complete suite of industry specific certifications. WSPM is & has been an organization that I am proud to have been a member.

In manufacturing I graduated through the ranks from masker to industrial painter to QA/QC. I played a major role in restructuring and improving the all production work instructions. I also assisted in the revamping of the Quality Dept & obtaining ISO certification. SPM permitted an invaluable experience to learn & excel in each of the areas where I worked.

My Specialties: Streamlining processes, process analysis, project research and development, literature research, botany, non vascular plant ID, statistical analysis, data interpretation, technical writing, auditor, inspector, biologist, process development, plastics, manufacturing, compliance ,USDA-RD, HUD, LIHTC, Sec 42, ISO, QA/QC, dichotomous keys, soil science, wetland science, researcher, trainer, teacher, project support, lichens, bryophytes, compound microscope, environmental sample collection