Cheryl Yao Li


Cheryl Li is a graduate student in Suffolk Univeristy in Integrated Marketing Communication, with the concentration on digital marketing.

With the study in broadcasting journalism of Wuhan Univerisity( China), Cheryl has worked in media firms for years. She established great communication skills while cooperating with different people as a journalist and reporter in CRI(China Radio Internation, Beijing), and developed the skills while working as a TV News hostess in Xiaogan City TV station.

The two primary language she speaks are English and Chinese. Other than that, she learns French, Japanese and Korean by herself with a strong intellectual passion.

Cheryl is hard-working girl of responsibility. Never give up, never escape. She treat every person, every moment in her life seriously. She knows when something bad happens, face it with braveness is the best choice.

Cheryl has myriad stories of her past that could share with other people. in those stories, she learned how to treat gain or loss, rich or poverty, and live or die.

  • Work
    • Boston University
  • Education
    • Suffolk University