Tina Bassett

Long Island NY

Tina Bassett

Long Island NY

*People are often surprised at what I can do. Must be the blonde hair!

*I'm not famous, but everyone I've ever met knows me.

*Coffee is life! Studies have shown that coffee-drinkers think clearer and are more productive. Another study showed non-coffee drinkers hate the previously mentioned studies.

*I am adopted. My Mother and my Mom were actually friends. I realize just how rare this is. The only time my story gets complicated is when I actually go in depth explaining it to people. They usually regret asking.

*The right music can make or ruin your day.

*I'm pretty much the only person I know who looked forward to turning 30. No, seriously, I did. It's been *a few* years and I still don't get why people get so dramatic about it. Get a grip, fellow human! "Do not fear growing old. It is a privilege denied to many." - Unknown.

*The sound of people laughing is music to my ears. It's even sweeter if I was the one who made them laugh in the first place. It's all about timing.

*Receiving a near-perfect score on my 5th grade writing exam told me I should probably be a writer. The near-failing grades in Art told me I probably shouldn't illustrate my own work.

*Everyone should visit Long Island at least once. There is so much to see, do and eat. I've lived here my whole life and always find new things to see and do, but mostly because I'm boring and don't get out much.

*Life quote: "Don't complain about the mud if you prayed for rain."

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