Bryan Lichnovsky

welder and mechanic in Anna, Texas

Hey, I’m Bryan. I’m a ranch hand living in Anna, Texas. I am a fan of welding, mechanics, and plan on entering the Airforce. I’m also interested in food because not starving is awesome.

I was born in Sherman, Texas and lived there until I was in sixth grade. Then I moved to the town I love, Anna, Texas. I loved how small Anna was compared to Sherman. Plus I have some good friends here.

Now I still live in Anna of course. I work fixing up farm equipment for a guy in the outskirts of Anna. I sometimes hate my job but its what i'm good at.

When i get out of high school i plan on going into the Airforce and becoming a firefighter. After that I plan on going to school for mechanics and welding so I can get a job when I get out.