Licinio Roque

Licínio Roque obtained a PhD in Informatics Engineering from the University of Coimbra while developing “Context Engineering” a socio­technical approach to information systems development. He practiced Participatory Action­Research and Design Research in such diverse fields as: management information systems, e­government, individual and organizational learning, interactive entertainment, and media design for online communities. With more than 10 years teaching experience in Information Systems Development, Software Engineering, and Human­Computer Interaction, he developed Interaction Design and Game Design courses for Masters and PhD programs at the University of Coimbra, using studio and project­-based contextual approaches to learning. He was a founder and teaches at the European Masters on Digital Arts and Cultural Heritage Studies joint program between Coimbra, Turku, Cologne and Salento Universities. Current research activities include: soundscapes in user experience design, computer games as multi­sensory stimulation environments for children with disability, characterization and evaluation of user experience in games, design of games as learning contexts, design of participatory media for end­user game creation. Co-founder of Tapestry Software Lda.