Jasmin Perez

today i realized how life can change before your eyes. i realized how you have to be prepared when life throws you the least expected. i feel that life is our enemy, someone or something controlls it. but why can't life be on our side? my mother tells me it's because we as humans need chanlleges or we will never know how to defend ourselves, when bad times comes. life goes up and down, it will never stay the same. relationships change, friendships change, the seasons change, the one we love and died, that changes also. when these things happen to me it makes me want to feel like i can't trust anyone no more. but i realized we have to have someone there with us, because we can't conqure life alone. there are too many levels and sometimes when we can't do it alone we need a sidekick, there to be with us. WHO'S YOUR SIDEKICK TO DAY? ( mine well always will be my mother ) :)