hello! my name is crystal/crys & i'm literal walking love live trash (literally) !!

i'm 13 years old, female & straight (seems weird mentioning this but some of my friends actually make fun of me for being straight emo)

ok here's some things you should know about me before requesting! it's not a lot so don't worry!

• as much as i say "fight me", i don't tolerate unkind/bad behavior. basically, if you're gonna start a fight on one of my posts please unfollow !!

• no homophobes, any strong racism of any type please!

• i don't have any kin, but please don't bash on any of my favorite characters (pointing out their bad qualities, starting a fight on my posts about it, etc.) because everyone is entitled to their own opinions am i right ?? if i respect your opinion please respect mine.

• i curse a lot; like 90% of my posts and comments it includes a curse word or two. if you're offended by them i strongly recommend you don't follow!

phew that's it! i hope someone reads this ;u; i love making new friends so kik me @ hatsunes. if you want to talk!