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My name is Lictoria, but I'm also known as Tora, Shaxas, and a few other names. I'm a student working towards my film/tv degree. On the side, I work behind the scenes on a few movies (some known and most not known).

Right now, I enjoy streaming random games at my livestream for everyone to enjoy. I like to entertain, hence my current degree, and I hope I can entertain you!

I've been playing games since I was around 3. Before I was born, my parents played and owned a NES, and I grew up playing all the Nintendo consoles. Some of my fondest gaming memories of all time are sneaking into the living room at night, playing Super Mario World with my sister. Another would be watching my dad play DOOM on the PC.

Right now, while I love console games, I am an avid PC gamer, and an even more fanatical MMORPGer. TERA is my main game right now, but I also play AION, Forsaken World, and The Secret World on the side.

I also really enjoy reading and writing -- my goal one day is to either publish a book or a playwright.