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There are many factors that influence the kind of performance will be determined, so the heating integral and extremely important part of success as a sports training and competition performance.

Heating can be divided with respect to the target and the specificity of sport. There are passive heating (using foam rollers, the use of hot baths, etc) that have the goal of accelerating the flow of blood into the soft tissues Jump Manual Review

Then there is global warming in order to, in addition to blood flow, muscles are activated and how they would be willing to perform the main part of the training.

There are specific warm-up aimed to prepare athletes to the usual structure of movement with respect to his sport, but without adequate preparation locomotion, neuromuscular and cardiorespiratory system.

Dynamic flexibility has a major role in warming quality that manifests itself through performance and target performance is better as a result. It consists of functionally composed of exercises based on sport-specific patterns of movements aimed to prepare the body for activity.

The difference of static stretching of the dynamic is that static warming has the task to stretch the muscle and keep it in position until you relax, while the application of dynamic flexibility of your muscles contracted athlete.

After a phase of active elongation of the muscle is contracted and thus strengthens its functional movement structures.

It also improves and maintains long-term flexibility and mobility in its full range of motion, which allows the body greater and broader structure of the movement, and so the body is able to produce more force - the body has a greater possibility of generating a force thanks to the range of motion. In conclusion, we can say that this way of warming in practice shows improvement in flexibility and balance.

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