Lidia Sentís


I'm Lidia,I'm thirteen years old. I live in Barcelona, Spain. I'm independent also I'm funny and romantic. I´ve got brown eyes and brown hair. I have a brother called Oriol, and he has three years old and I have a sister called Carla, and she has one year old.


I love going shopping and watch in the TV a football match Barça-Real Madrid, it is so exciting. I like reading books,chatting on the internet, watch TV, metting friends at the weekends,going to the beach or to the swimming pool, be with my family and listening to music. My favourites are pop and house music. And my favorite singers are Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry. But I hate doing homework and tidying my room.


I spend a lot of time doing homework and studying, I also spend a lot of time playing with my dog and talking with my friends on the mobile phone in the whatssap and in messages . I spend a lot of money in clothes and in shoes sometimes I spend my money in magazines and in my mobile phone.