Lidija Krickovic

Senior Marketing Manager in Belgrade, Serbia

I am a senior marketing strategist – strong in digital marketing planning and implementation, content strategy and creation and social media management.

What you need to know about me

12+ years of experience in the managing communication for over 50 clients in various industries, both B2B or B2C, for European, UK and MENA markets.

7+ years as head of the marketing and communication departments, working for major international companies.

15 people in the teams I managed - marketing, PR, content creators, copywriters, paid campaign managers, social media managers, designers, branding experts and web and app developers

60% of business unit revenue increase over a year

1.1mil euro budget responsibility and management

I drink coffee daily with all former team members, clients and partners

What can I do for you?

- I can devise and implement winning marketing, content or social media strategy

- I can create compelling copy which converts, tailored to fit your client needs and your narrative

- I can analyse your digital marketing efforts and pinpoint areas of potential improvement

- I can gather a top level team tailored to your need and deliver fast even large scale projects

- I can make you smile

I am a sharp communicator with a holistic approach and a knack for strategic thinking and creative solutions.

What others have to say about me?

''Lidija is a reliable partner with whom full proactivity, is guaranteed, along with responsibility and highly professional relationship. I could always rely on her and gain new knowledge. I look forward to every new project that includes cooperation with her.''

''I have closely worked with Lidija for many years and has perceived her as a hard working, detailed oriented and committed person who gives her maximum in everything she does. Professional, organised, enthusiastic and friendly...It has been my pleasure to cooperate with her.''

''Lidija is a high-profile expert , able to work independently on her own, but also delegate duties and responsibilities and influence the efficiency of her team. Her creativity is visible through archived results. She is always focused on reaching goals but also takes into account the importance of details in order to achieve maximum potential, especially in the area of media marketing.''

''She was not only a goal oriented and energetic manager, but also an inspiring strategist. Lidija is one of the most valuable people I have ever met. Passionate, multi-skilled and precise co-worker and mentor with boundless